Who’s Your Daddy?

“Mother knows best” as the old adage goes…  No longer is that a relevant saying, or even the standard.  It would seem that in times as such that we now live, is a world we never saw coming.  A world where the government is your mama and your daddy too.  You ought to do just what they recommend as to all things ~ which is contrary to ages past of our unalienable right to free will, individual desire, circumstance and need.

Who’s Right?

What are “rights”?  Do you have any?  Whom decides what a ‘right’ is, or who may have ‘rights’?  Whom protects those ‘rights’ and who can take them?  Can you earn or buy them?  Can you apply for them?  I will get back to this…

From Ryhme To Ruin

Remarkably, we have in just my generation, (I am not that old!) gone from;

  • divorce being so shameful that it was not only frowned upon but generally kept secret as to announce it would disgrace the family name and all members of said family.


  • the slightest disagreements or conflict and the divorce papers go in, families are broken while society celebrates. They encourage quitting and a selfish ‘me first’ mentality.

And from;

  • Parents raising their children in the way they should go


  • Daycares, public schools, state institutions, school programs, extracurricular activities and electronic devices raising our children in the way they will go. Parents who are inherently responsible for their child’s training, more than not, physically see their own children less than every other person or activity that occupies that child’s time.  Parents are not raising their own children.

And from;

  • The word ‘family’ having meaning; each family, was within itself, a small society. Within that society, there were rules, boundaries, expectations, responsibilities, duties, security, support, friendship, love, trust, and unity.  (Obviously, not all families have been the ideal or standard, there have always been dysfunctional families).


  • The word ‘family’; having little meaning, other than having relations by blood. The standard being;  Broken homes, single parent homes, no parent homes, complete disregard for the family unit as an establishment or society, families turning their backs on each other, seeking to cause harm to one another, a “me first” and a “dog eat dog” mentality that seeks instant-gratification, has entitlement complexes, lack of discipline, lack of respect or regard for others, lack of humility, lack of integrity, lack of responsibility, lack of spirituality, lack of honesty, lack of character and lack of foundation.

Love Your Neighbor

Somewhere over the last 50 years, everything has reversed in the way of morals and values.  The ‘Golden Rule’ says ‘treat others in the way you want to be treated’, In other words; love your neighbor and do no harm.  Where did the ‘Golden Rule’ go?  Who on earth or in heaven, has stolen the ‘Golden Rule’? (Golden Rule precept Mathew 7:12)

Eytimology Lesson

Okay, what are’ Rights’?  Let’s start by breaking that down.  We’ll begin by looking at “online etymology dictionary”.  There we should find the origin and more in-depth meaning of words we commonly use.

          Right (adj.1)

“morally correct,” Old English rihtjust, good, fair; proper, fitting; straight, not bent, direct, erect,”

           Right (n.)

Old English  riht  (West Saxon, Kentish)reht (Anglian), “that which is morally right, duty, obligation,” also “rule of conduct; law of the land; “also “what someone deserves; a just claim, what is due; correctness, truth; a legal entitlement, a privilege,”

There are two types of rights;

  • natural or unalienable rights
  • legal or inalienable rights

Inalienable Or Unalienable

Natural or unalienable rights are inherent, given to us freely and unconditionally from our creator, simply for being born as humans on this earth.  They are unalienable meaning; cannot be alienated, altered, sold or taken from us.

Legal or inalienable rights; can be altered, sold, taken, transferred or forfeited.

[See for reference: “Natural and Legal Rights” Wikipedia] and here.

Inalienable rights are those that can be alienated with the consent of the one in possession of said rights.

[Morrison v. State, Mo. App., 252 S.W.2d 97, 101]

A ‘Person’ ie.; a citizen of a society governed, may have inalienable rights that they may elect to transfer or surrender either constructively or actually.

Inalienable, legal/civil rights are meant to secure, (not grant nor create) uphold, protect and guarantee our inherent unalienable rights.  They define and separate what ones inherent rights vs privilege are, and or what laws may be imposed by consent of the people for which to protect those rights as well as draw boundaries around them.  Both for our security and for the measure of which the government might not impose on them.  The government’s purpose for existing is solely to secure those rights that are guaranteed us.  Those unalienable rights include but are not limited to; life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

{Wo}Man; being created in God’s image, born onto this earth, as a {Wo}Man, has unalienable rights.

The natural right for life and liberty are unalienable.   

[Bouviers Law Dictionary 1856 edition]

State constitutions largely only recognize ‘inalienable’ rights.

State Constitutions Recognize Inalienable Rights

Having established to ourselves an order for our own protection; we elected officials to uphold and dispense what we deemed as justice and liberty for all.  We put our trust and faith in these officials to always be upright, fair, just, morally sound, and to uphold, protect and defend our individual unalienable rights.  Furthermore, to privilege to us inalienable rights as protection of that unalienable inheritance as well as maintain the people’s civil and societal rights, so long as they are Persons of that society i.e., a citizen.

Well, that was the plan, anyway.  What we’ve begotten in actuality is quite something else.

False Security

For we elected and approved the best men to trust our inheritance to, feeling resolved and assured we were secure.  We didn’t see coming ‘the thief in the night’.

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.” ~ Lord Acton

“For absolute power corrupts the best natures”. ~Alphonse Marie Louis de Prat de Lamartine

“Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it” ~William Pitt the Elder, Earl of Chatham and British Prime Minister from 1766 to 1778

Fast-forward to today.

We are now a people with no inheritance per se. We no longer have the security or freedom to be who we are, to live or to pursue happiness.

Everything we ever held sacred has been defaced, rejected or stolen.

We have forgotten who we are and whom our creator is. We have traded our birth-right for a mess of porridge. Not only have we given away our birthright, but our children’s and grandchildren’s as well; simply by forgetting who we are and what unalienable means. We reject all things we were freely gifted and replace them with bondage and death.  We the people have the RIGHT to take up arms and forcefully remove the crooked politicians’ in office, we not only have the RIGHT to over-throw our government in the event it becomes tyrannical, but it is also our DUTY. [See for reference: Second Amendment]


If we do nothing, if we keep silent, if we turn cheek and run, if we don’t take up and change it up;


While they are stealing our ‘everything’…

We are consenting,

While they are taking our homes, our land, our children, our mobility, our jobs, our farms, our self-sustainability, our food, water, privacy, healthcare, arms, and happiness…

We are consenting.

Choose Your Words Wisely

A judge might ask you while at the bench for a hearing about an injury someone did intentionally cause you, “So, Mr. Ike Cansint, would you say regarding your most tragic and obviously painful injuries caused by the horrible defendant, that you did suffer”?

And you would likely reply;

“Why YES your most gracious, understanding and kind honor!!!

To which the understanding judge replies;

“Oh, I am so sorry for your pain. Case dismissed.”

To which you reply;

“But your Honor? I did say I suffered!”

To which he replies;


Definition of suffer;

Suffer (v,)

  1. Experience or be subjected to (something bad or unpleasant)

*be affected by or subject to

*become or appear worse in quality

*undergo martyrdom or execution

  1. Tolerate

*allow (someone to do something)

So you see if we suffer, we have chosen to do so. If we are raped, pillaged and or coerced into giving up the birthright of our God-given inheritance, well…. we chose it. Ignorance of our rights is no excuse. It is our obligation to know who we are, and it is our duty to teach our children who they are. It is our duty to protect our children’s inheritance for their future.